About us

We are Hendrikus and IJsbrand of Snellesokken.nl and we want to make the sports world a bit more cheerful. Grown up in the east of the Netherlands near the Holterberg, we have spent years in front of and behind both riders and cyclists with snow white (or meanwhile gray) sports socks. This prompted us to expand the range and offer cheerfulness and high-performance together.

Therefore, in cooperation with different designers, we have created colorful and cheerful sports socks. Our designs were done on a high-performance running sock & cycling sock that we selected together with our network. This meant requesting many samples and always making adjustments. We are very happy with the result of the running sock and the cycling sock.

We wish you a lot of cycling fun and love to see our socks back on your feet!

Hendrikus & IJsbrand

Strava Hendrikus – Strava IJsbrand – Strava Snelle Sokken Club

Our Vision

Make sure you enjoy your time on the bike or during a run. Whether it’s a lap of half an hour or that lap around Europe, cycling alone or with a whole pack, sprinting for a title, your own PR or to get home on time. Enjoyment is the most important thing and you do that by feeling good about yourself with good material that also looks good. Enjoy our cycling socks & running socks! And now, let’s go outside. Let’s go.